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Posted on Feb 1, 2011

4K and Datelcom: Courthouse Hasselt


The new courthouse in Hasselt is architectural marvel. Its abstract tree-like shape refers to both the tree of justice in medieval times as well as the tree in Hasselt’s coat of arms.

Of course this remarkable and energy efficient building also shows technological innovation on the inside: Datelcom, a flexible multi-disciplinary data and telecom installer, and 4K realized approximately 2.000 connections using a staggering 84.000 meters of Cat.6 cable to date! For all connections Datelcom and 4K chose to work with renowned German manufacturer Telegärtner, providing high-grade patch panels, outlets and cabling.

Working with Telegärtner ensures that employees  of Gerechtsgebouw Hasselt have access to the latest networking technologies and unsurpassed reliability concerning the passive components that combined are the neural pathways of the courthouse in Hasselt.

Since the building process is not complete yet, we will post regular updates on this project when available.