QikFit - Clip in the power modules and go!

The expert interview

QikFit is a click-and-connect system from our sales partner OE Electrics. The new power and charging system is easy to install, flexible to use and very budget-friendly. Alex Dingemans, Project Development & Sales OE Electrics, will explain in this interview everything you need to know about the QikFit system. 

What is QikFit?

QikFit is a click-and-connect system from OE Electrics that allows you to clip together different modules for charging and connectivity into the same cutout. QikFit offers a convenient solution for various application areas. In addition, you can easily install QikFit yourself in different surfaces.

Why would you use QikFit?

QikFit gives you a lot of flexibility and is quickly installed: you cut the correct size aperture into a suitable panel, clip in the required combination of QikFit modules, plug in the power supply and DATA/AV leads and you're off. If necessary, you can easily replace the modules. 

In addition, the QikFit range has a USB module with integrated fast charging. From 2024, USB-C fast charging will be the European standard for smartphones, tablets and laptops. Many electronics brands have already jumped on board. 

If you already have one of these High Power devices, you will need to switch from AC to DC power to generate enough watts. In that case, you need an additional converter. With QikFit, this is no longer necessary, as the converter is integrated into the USB module. 

Suppose your new device has a USB-C charging port, then you take your current USB module out of the panel and snap in the new module. The fact that you can add and remove modules quickly... I'm a big fan of that in particular.

In what surfaces can you install QikFit?

QikFit modules can be installed in wooden, fabric and metal surfaces. QikFit is mainly used in office furniture, such as desks and chairs. 

Nowadays we also install QikFit in metal workbenches. Such workbenches for the workshop are often equipped with electricity. In many cases, a workbench has a vertical wall with holes in which you can hang up tools. We clip the QikFit modules into these holes. 

How many units can be clicked together?

You cannot clip together different modules endlessly. There are certain regulations concerning safety in order to prevent short circuits. You can fit up to four modules together, for example four power outlets and one USB charger. This is usually sufficient.

Who can install QikFit?

Anyone can install QikFit. Although I am rather clumsy and have no background in electricity, I installed QikFit in our office completely by myself. Moreover, you don't need any extra tools to install QikFit. 

Of course, as 4K, we are ready to help customers. We can already do a part of the installation for the customer to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. 

What is a QikFrame for?

The frame is the framework in which you can clip in the QikFit modules. Depending on the number of power and charging modules you need, we recommend the size of frame to the customer. 

How does a QikTRAY cable basket work?

The QikTRAY cable basket is installed under your desk. In the cable duct, you can neatly hide all your cables. Moreover, the QikTRAY and the QikFit modules are best friends. You clip in your units in the front of the cable basket, the cable arrives from behind and is hidden in the cable basket. It’s also easy to change the modules afterwards: unplug the power and remove redundant QikFit modules, and clip in new ones.  

Additions from the expert

The aim of OE Electrics is to let the customer decide at the very last moment, allowing him to change modules on the spot. Suppose your colleague has a High Power laptop, we will then order a High Power unit and clip it into place in a few seconds.    

Curious what QikFit has to offer?

Would you like more information about QikFit? Our account manager Alex Dingemans will be happy to help you!

Alex Dingemans

Project Development & Sales OE Electrics 

+32 496 80 55 36 


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