New location, a breath of fresh air for the company!

Today is the day: we have moved into our new premises in the industry of Grobbendonk! From now on you can find us at the following address:

Bannerlaan 83/C1
2280 Grobbendonk

The New Way of Working has taken off in recent years. It also affected our organisation. During the corona period, our employees were allowed to work from home. Hybrid working had a positive impact on the company's operations. That is why we will continue to offer the possibility of three days' work from home after corona. Through a better work-life balance, we notice that employees are more productive. This automatically has a positive effect on our service. 

The New Way of Working made us realise that it was time to invest in a new location that matched the working culture and vision of the organisation. These aspects were not reflected by our old building. The new working environment, on the other hand, functions as a meeting place where spaces have been created for colleagues to meet, work together and relax. 

To facilitate hybrid working, we opted for an open workspace. The sleek desks are equipped with the latest power and charging solutions from our partner OE Electrics, which also boost our interior. In addition to the open workspace, there are two silent rooms where our employees can continue to work undisturbed. There is also a relax corner that completes the office experience.

We also invested in a larger warehouse. With this, we want to fully deploy logistics services as an addition to the wide range of products we offer. For example, our services consist of customer-specific solutions: reserving stock, customised installation cables, customer-specific packaging, etc.

The flexible office and warehouse design, combined with the beautiful view of the countryside, make it a healthy and inspiring environment for employees and visitors. 

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