Effective alerting with 4K wide area signalling devices

Fire, gas leak, explosion hazard... In case of a calamity, the neighborhood must be evacuated quickly, efficiently and safely. The public warning systems of 4K help industries and authorities to warn people adequately. Depending on the area of application, we have a suitable evacuation siren that can be used immediately. We also offer tailor-made solutions.

Electronic siren

The electronic siren is a powerful system designed for large industrial areas, such as in the chemical sector, the oil and gas industry and the harbour. The larger the area, the more sirens such a system can have at its disposal.  

With this system, it is possible to inform local residents about a sound output testing, as well as to encourage them to take reflex measures during an emergency. Depending on the situation, a unique combination of sound signal and voice message can be set up.

These large siren networks can be operated wirelessly from a control centre, making new wiring installations superfluous. The control panel activates sirens, alerts users in case of malfunctions and performs reliability tests. In addition, it is possible to remotely manage the siren setup via the free smartphone app.

Electronic siren

Omnidirectional warning system

Besides large industrial sites, we provide a cost-effective solution for facilities such as hospitals, schools and campsites. As their evacuation area is much smaller, they can use an omnidirectional warning system with short-range sound coverage. With control panels and smartphone operation, the 360° siren can emit up to 16 different tones as well as preprogrammed voice messages. 

Omnidirectional warning system

All-in-One Electronic Siren

While fixed sirens are an effective solution in densely populated areas, cars are used in public places. In this way, targeted communication can take place quickly.

The All-in-One Electronic Siren can spread information in any sudden, unexpected emergency where fixed sirens cannot. The mobile siren can be easily attached magnetically to the top of vehicles. With the iOS and Android app, the mobile siren can broadcast both pre-installed emergency signals and voice messages. The sound level is also adjustable via the smartphone's sound buttons.

Its quick and easy deployment makes it ideal for use on police cars, fire engines and civil protection vehicles.

Create your own wide area signalling device?

Would you like more information about our wide area signalling devices? Based on your application area and requirements, we will work out a tailor-made solution for you.

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