Case study: professional cable management in the office

Increase productivity with a tidy work environment

At 4K, a messy office is history. Especially since our colleagues have the freedom to choose when and where they work in the office. Depending on the type of activity, we have arranged our flexible workplaces. The necessary electrification has also been carried out accordingly. In addition, good cable management makes the workspace safer, more attractive and therefore more pleasant to work in. How do we organise and guide cables and wires in our flexible workspaces? We rely on the power and charging modules from our sales partner OE Electrics!

Hide and organise cables with the QikTRAY cable tray

At the desk islands in our open-plan office, colleagues find their fixed spot. A monitor, keyboard, mouse and telephone are standard on each desk. In order to avoid a clutter of cables and electronic devices, all cords are neatly tucked away in the QikTRAY cable tray installed under each desk.

With the Pathfinder, OE Electrics' cable hose, the cables of the QikTRAY are guided to the ground where the power connection is. By collecting the cables in this way our cables last much longer, we create a tidy appearance and our workplace is easier to clean! 

Meeting our colleagues’ needs: personalised QikFit power modules for your QIKTRAY cable tray.

In order to meet everyone's power supply needs, each colleague has his own configuration of the QikFit charging modules. The combination of the various modules can be changed by the employee at any time and in no time at all. For example, some of our colleagues have a USB-A+C module that charges all devices with a single cable. You simply click the socket into the cable duct.

Out of sight, but within easy reach with the PHASE substructure module

In the office islands as well as in the conference room, power points are within easy reach. Thanks to PHASE we have installed the power points subtly under the desktop. This hides your power point from view, while you can still use it easily.

No more crawling under your desk thanks to the PLY surface mount module

Colleagues can take a seat in one of our quiet rooms to escape the hustle and bustle of the open office. There they can continue working undisturbed, if necessary. Such a quiet room is a space where colleagues are constantly coming and going. That's why it's handy to have power outlets near your desk. PLY is a surface-mounted unit that can be mounted on the desktop. Thanks to PLY, we no longer have to crawl under our desk to plug in the laptop charger.

Even more possibilities? 

The wide range of ANIMATE products includes various built-in units. The built-in sockets turn every work surface into a functional workplace. Whether that worktop is a desk, a conference table or a sofa... the built-in units fit every surface and interior.

Thanks to the power and charging modules from OE Electrics, we now have a cleaner, safer and more pleasant workplace. We notice that colleagues are more productive and enjoy coming to the office. Visitors also get a good first impression of our tidy office. It's just a question of good and well thought-out cable management per flexi workstation.

Customised advice

As every workspace is different, we like to give personal advice. We offer practical, tailor-made solutions for all cable management. To do this, we analyse your needs, scan the office workplace and think along with you about the right solution for your situation.

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