Desk top power module

230V AC socket• 25W TUF A + C • Horizontal

Item code: PLY‑2X230‑USB‑HORI/GR‑800GST

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PLY with its innovative use of birch plywood and laminate, takes the traditional desk top power module in an exciting new design direction. PLY is the suitable product to equip your home and work office with a fast‑charging power module in modern design.

Did you know:

‑ You can easily replace the TUF‑USB charging module in no time.

‑ Unlike the USB ports of all other brands, the USB‑A connector always fits, even when the USB is inserted either way.  

Number of modules 3 modules
Power (max.) 25W
Brand OE Electrics
Type PLY
? Type of connector GST18
Rated voltage 230V AC
Mounting type An integrated steel clamp bracket for through desk or desk edge mounting in desk tops 13mm to 50mm thick
Colour Dark gray
Cable length 800mm from Wieland with AC plug
Material Birch plywood and laminate
? Certificates CE, IEC/UL 62368-1
Good to know Suitable for USB A and USB C / fast charging

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