How healthy is your indoor climat?

Visual CO2 instantly tells you what the climate is like in your room. The signal tower measures COlevel, temperature and humidity in real time. All factors that ensure a pleasant and healthy indoor climate.

Measuring is knowing

The standard states that the COconcentration in a room must be lower than 900ppm. Visual CO2 allows you to manage that concentration effectively.

  • The unit's sensors constantly monitor the air quality. Because they are installed vertically on the device, a constant and natural air flow is created. This makes your measurement much more reliable and accurate. 
  • The light tower with 'traffic lights' detects the COlevel in the enclosed space and makes it visible with three coloured LED lights: green, yellow and red. This way, you immediately know the current COstatus in the room and are able to take appropriate measures to prevent the spread of the virus! In total, there are 7 statuses that the Visual COcan indicate:

24/7 monitoring

Follow the developments of your indoor climate by means of a free accompanying app, which you can download from the App Store or Google play. The smart Bluetooth-connected COmeter is convenient to use and easy to activate: connect the supplied adapter to the mains, wait for the calibration process to be completed and start measuring!

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