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Meet the S-series!

Beautiful design and advanced electronics characterize the new headlamps: S3 and S4. They might look alike, but they are built with different target groups in mind, which reflect in the features you will find in the headlamps.

S4 and S4 rechargeable are built for the quality minded professional, who requires a quality light-setting for any task at hand. S3 and S3 rechargeable on the other hand, speaks to the outdoor or DIY enthusiast, who wants a quality all round headlamp.

Despite the different target groups, the S3 and S4 headlamps do have some similarities other than their design:

Dual Energy Concept

Both headlamps are equipped with the brand new Dual Energy Concept, which allows you to swap between rechargeable Li-Po batteries and regular AAA Alkaline batteries. This new technology gives you many advantages as you can easily swap to Alkaline batteries if your rechargeable battery runs out of power, or you can boost your S3 or S4 with a rechargeable Li-Po battery, which can be bought as a spare part.

The rechargeable Li-Po batteries in the S-series are equipped with a micro USB port, which allows you to charge the battery directly, while using the headlamp with another battery.


Both models are completely sealed and have an IP68 rating, which means that they are both certified dust -and waterproof down to 1M. This ensures that the headlamps can be worn in any weather conditions, without you having to worry at all. This is very practical when using the headlamp daily, as you will never have to take it off or detach it from your helmet, even in heavy rain. This way you will have a professional light, right where you need it.

Versatile Use

The S-series headlamps can be used in a number of different ways besides wearing it with the included headband.
Due to the angular design the headlamps can stand on nearly all sides, giving you a small working lamp or a camping lantern.
Both headlamps can easily be mounted with the accessory helmet clip on any helmet which features a mounting sloth in the front. The helmet clip does also allow you to clip the headlamp to a pocket or belt.

S4 & S4 rechargeable

S4 and S4 rechargeable have been designed for the most demanding professionals who use light tools in their daily work. As with any Suprabeam product, the S4 is supreme quality, and with its many mounting options it is the perfect light tool. The multiple safety helmet mounting options make the S4 perfect for any construction site, making it a safer work environment and giving a better work light.

Efficient Technology
One of the most important parameters when designing a headlamp for professionals is the runtime; it needs to be able to run all day.
The electronic light control inside the S4 is extremely efficient and delivers 30% longer runtimes than standard headlamps which gives you a headlamp that will last a whole work day.

Dual Optics
S4 is created with two different optical lenses. The right lens has a 60° wide flood light, while the left lens has a 20° spot beam with 60° stray light. The flood light gives you a very wide beam, making you able to orientate in a wider area. From the other lens, the light is focused into a spot beam, making you able to see up to 85 meters ahead.


S3 & S3 rechargeable

S3 and S3 rechargeable are packed with practical functions, making it the perfect companion for any outdoor expedition or DIY task around the home. The Dual Energy Concept gives you all the advantages of a rechargeable headlamp, without you having to worrying about draining the battery. The quality materials used in the production gives you a headlamp that can withstand being used day in and day out.

Red Light
For the outdoor enthusiast, the hunter or the fisherman, the red LED light can be an extremely useful feature. S3 features a 30 lumens red LED, which is one of the strongest on the market, and delivers a red light which is useful for orientation.

The red light has the advantage of not ruining your night vision, and it does not attract the attention of animals either. When you are in the dark and need to locate something in your backpack, just turn on the red light, and you will maintain your night vision when turning it off again.

Light Levels
S3 has one button for white light, and one button for red light. You can easily click through the light levels with the colour coded buttons. S3 and S3 rechargeable produces 200 lumens on the white LED, and 30 lumens on the red LED.