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Overview of selected partners
We value long term relationships with both our clients and our partners. That is why quality, service and support are keywords to our organisation – well reflected by our new payoff “Care, Knowledge, Commitment”. Our partners below match this exact philosophy.

Becoming a partner
We welcome companies that share our values and philosophy in becoming a partner. If you think your company provide additional value to our product and services portfolio, we would very much like to invite you to contact us.


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Apranet is a German family-owned company with over 40 years of experience in developing, designing and manufacturing server racks and networking enclosures. Apranet is also part of the Apra-Gruppe allowing them to benefit from the synergies within Apra. This make Apra a highly flexible company, specialized in tailer-made solutions in enclosure technology.


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With an age of almost 100 years, Bedea may be considered an experienced manufacturer. Bedea started out manufacturing precision metal pieces for drawing and pressing techniques. While Bedea – or Berkenhoff&Drebes – is still manufacturing these, they have also earned a valuable reputation in manufacturing high-grade coaxial cabling and client specific fiber optics.


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Excel represents the broadest possible range of easy-to-specify, easy-to-install copper and optical cabling solutions and networking enclosure products on the market. Manufactured to strict European quality standards, and independently certified to the toughest international standards, the Excel system offers a superior solution that is a match for today’s challenging network environments.


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Guntermann&Drunck is one of the leading manufacturers of high-grade large scale modular KVM switching and extension. Owing to their unique approach of passively cooled components, hence fully closed enclosures Guntermann&Drunck is highly praised in broadcast, industry, air traffic control, maritime and petrochemical applications.


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Austrian manufacturer and developer of high-quality KVM Extender, KVM Switches and KVM matrix switches.
  Products are in use worldwide and KVM-tec is chosen as a partner by companies with the highest quality standards in the range of industrys, automation and medical engineering.


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Opticis is a wellknown manufacturer of Optical video routing, switching and extension products. This Korean based company is renowned for its quality and innovative solutions. No wonder that many companies provide Opticis’ products under their own brandname.


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Identifying the right patch in a datacenter can be a tedious job. Now French manufacturer PatchSee offers an innovative way to quickly and efficiently indentify patch cables: PatchSee patch cables embed two optical fibers. By attaching a bright light source to the PatchSee patch cable on one end, one can quickly identify the other end of the cable. This cost effective, time-saving way of identifying patch cables is exclusive to PatchSee.


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PGEP specializes in high quality power solutions varying from custom power distribution outlets for mobile and industrial applications to environmental current monitoring systems in modern datacenters. PGEP is equipped to fullfil every need in power connection and power distribution systems.


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R&M or Reichle&DeMassari is by many considered the leading manufacturer of networking cabling and connectivity. Its prominent position is owed to innovation and position in many standardization commitees. This allows R&M to comply with even the most strict standards offering a quality that is second to none.


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This Italian manufacurer of server racks and cabinets offers a wide range, high quality cabinets that are both aesthetic and economical. Worth mentioning is the T7, an innovative server-rack expecially designed for blade servers. Next to the heavy-duty T7, Tecnosteel hold als series of patents, amongst which cabinet doors with over 80% perforation, allowing maximum performance.


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Telegärtner is well known for its expertise in protective industrial connectivity solutions. Less known however is Telegärtner’s unsurpassed quality in data and telecom connectivity solutions as well as its broad range of coaxial connectors. Telegärtner’s versatility is remarkable: from IP67 industrial Ethernet connectors to custom-made multi-strand fiber optic cabling.

The Blue Shift

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The Blue Shift is a Korean manufacturer of high quality, specialized, tailor-made fiber optic products and accessories. Its unique business concept and products generate synergy between both its clients, its partners as well as The Blue Shift.