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Our role in society

We carefully select our products on a number of criteria, contributing to maintaining a sustainable business. Energy consumption of active equipment is one of the more obvious examples. However: also the materials a product is made of and therefore its durability or capability to be reused or recycled is of equal importance.

Since more than half our business consists of production and distribution of special cabling solutions we try to ensure the reduction of toxins such as solvents in cable mantles to ensure business continuity. Also in passive products.
Next to ecological initiatives we can undertake, we also allocate part of our income to charity to support the development of a broader community in a cultural, educational, scientific and technological sense.

Your privacy

We respect your privacy as we do our own. Therefore we do not store any personal information in publically accessible databases. All information you provide us with – either through visiting our website, by e-mail, regular mail or any other form of correspondence or interaction is stored internally to optimize our service level towards you, our client. We do not sell nor give any information – nor private or commercial – to any third party companies.

Your privacy online

Cookies are little text files saved to your computer to remember certain settings, passwords etc. This website only saves cookies containing settings relevant to this website. This means that we do not store data that compromises your online safety and privacy.

We also ensured that the cookie expires when the browser window is closed, meaning all the settings stored by our website to your computer is effectively deleted after closing your browser.

Electronic newsletters

Our electronic newsletters are used to provide you with information on new products, new technologies, events and training sessions. With becoming a client of 4K one does automatically agree on receiving our periodic newsletters. 4K restricts itself to limiting the amount of e-mail sent to its clients to maximum two newsletters per month. All information in our newsletters can also be found on our website, either in reduced form or as a full message containing additional information.

If you choose not to receive our electronic newsletters any longer, you can either click the “unsubscribe” link which is present in all our newsletters or you can send an e-mail to info[@]4K[.]be originating from the e-mail address that received our newsletter, stating “unsubscribe” in the subject.

On our communications

The content on our website, or any other form of communications we issue, has been thoroughly verified after creation. 4K cannot be held liable or responsible for any mistakes in its communications. No rights can be derived from any mistakes in our publications, including this website. All brand- and trade names as well as corporate logos, patents and/or other protected and/or registered information remain property of their respective owners. 4K cannot be held liable or responsible for misrepresenting corporate information other than its own as it is the sole responsibility of our partners to verify if their representation in any of our communications is acceptable and correct.

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