Ons team

4K is driven by people who are passionate by their work. We form a close team that supports,
helps and motivates one another to achieve a successful project.

Board of management

Our department primarily oversees the operational management and management of the company. This team develops the strategy, provides support and also carries out projects itself. Thus, it focuses on all aspects of business activities.

Marketing & Communication

The Marketing and Communication department builds and feeds our brand. Through various channels, the team makes 4K visible and recognisable among its target audience. With strong content, great visuals and well thought-out campaigns, the team engages its audience with the company, products and services.

Outside sales

As we have a very extensive range, we choose permanent account managers for each product category. This way, they can fully develop their product and market intelligence. This makes our total expertise and know-how rock-solid. As a result, our specialised and experienced account managers can give you the best advice and offer the right solutions.

Inside sales

4K owes its success to satisfied customers. We achieve this with excellent service before, during and after your purchase. We build and maintain good relationships, process and follow orders up to delivery, and form a reliable liaison between the customer and the logistics team.


Our team of logistics staff is responsible for the entire flow of goods, both internal and external. Together with the internal sales team, they make every effort to ensure correct and timely delivery to the customer. The logistics team offers the possibility of customer-specific packaging and stock reservation. For more information about the possibilities, please contact your account manager.

Finance & Accounting

Our Finance and Accounting department is the core of our business process. The team is responsible for everything from planning and directing financial transactions to managing cash flow to gaining insight into our financial position.