PVC adhesive tape with flanges
Green | Coroplast | 50mm x 25m
Art. code: 2348-352
TRASP wire and cable marking
TRASP | Yellow | 2,3mm | :
Art. code: 23G:
Cable tie
Art. code: W20048YW
Cable tie
4K | Purple | 200mm x 4,8mm
Art. code: W20048VI
Cable tie
Art. code: W20048RD
Cable tie
4K | Orange | 200mm x 4,8mm
Art. code: W20048OR
Cable tie
Green | 4K | 200mm x 4,8mm
Art. code: W20048GR
Cable tie
4K | Brown | 200mm x 4,8mm
Art. code: W20048BR
Cable tie
Blue | 4K | 200mm x 4,8mm
Art. code: W20048BL
Sticker | Lightning symbol in triangle | 50x50mm
Art. code: W150
Sticker | 100x100mm | Lightning symbol in triangle
Art. code: W125
Sticker | 100x100mm
Art. code: W1100
Wall plug
Green | Ø12mm x 60mm
Art. code: TP4
Blue | Ø10mm x 46mm
Art. code: TP3
Wall plug
Yellow | Ø5,5mm x 20
Art. code: TP1 (EOL)
Twist-on connector
Art. code: TORIX T6
Male/female connector
2,5mm² | 3 poles | Ø5-12mm
Art. code: TH405.B
Inline connector 2-way
4mm² | 5 poles
Art. code: TH400.B
Inline connector 3-way
4mm² | 3+3-polig
Art. code: TH399.B
Inline connector 4-way
4 poles | 4mm²
Art. code: TH392.B
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